Who we are

Two young guys that were acquainted got into a conversation. One of them was a model that wanted to start an own agency. The other was working in the fashion industry and wanted to make a change. While one talked about starting an own agency, the other listened. The other talked about wanting to make a change in the fashion industry, the other listened. They inspired each other. A few days later they decided to start the agency together. They did their research and came to the idea of ‘More than just faces’. Now they work passionately on this fused idea every day. The acquaintances became friends.

Mauro is a major fashion enthousiast that always had a dream to make a big change in the fashion industry. He used to work for a high-end concept store, but decided that he wanted to act on his dream. Now he is working towards making ‘More than just faces’ the industries standard.

Giel has 4 years of experience as a model. He worked all over the world and this gave him a lot of insight in how the modelling industry works. He noticed there are things that should be improved upon in these rapidly changing times. This inspired him to start a future-proof and ethically responsible modelling agency himself.